​Tree Maintenance

tree shaping
Our tree maintenance services here at Palm Bay Tree Company incorporate a sprinkle of each and every one of the services that we offer. All of this, of course, is attached to a custom plan that we build for our clients. As we have mentioned tree care is an ongoing affair. You really can’t ask for services sporadically and then hope for optimal results. That being said, we don’t intend to pay you a visit every single day. What we do want to be able to provide tree maintenance that is as effective as it is affordable. Coming Up With A Plan  The first step that we have to cover with each of our clients as they are coming is to give their property a thorough inspection. If you allow us to we intend to keep records of every single tree on your property so that we are able to monitor its health and growth. This can really help us spot any potential problems that we should be aware of. So basically, it will allow our services towards you to be a heck of a whole lot better! Trimming Services One of the services that we absolutely have to provide every once in a while is our tree trimming service. The best way that we can provide these services is by working on a set schedule. That means that we always come in every x amount of time to the day! That way we can get a feel for how much the tree is supposed to grow in that time frame and how much it is actually growing. This is one of the ways that we can spot problems with trees. Not every single sign of trouble comes from discoloration or decay. These things are usually products of a problem that had been developing. Tree Cabling & Bracing  The only way that we can truly find out how to help a developing tree stay upright or get back on the right path is to know what its natural path looks like. Once we have got that down and we have seen that it is going through some trouble we can pull the trigger and say we need to put some cables here and some braces there to help this tree out. Of course, some cases are a lot easier to spot than others. Meaning if we see your tree splitting in two, we can go ahead and put a brace on it right away. Recurring Services  The best way to make sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the trees on your property are well taken care of is to allow us to pay you a visit once every three weeks or once every two weeks. Of course, if you need more than that we can set it up. For example, if you are running a resort and need to make sure that the trees are healthy and always at an appropriate length we can visit once a week!

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