​Tree Cabling & Bracing

tree bracing and cabling

When you live in an area like this tree care becomes very important. On one hand, you want to make an effort to keep your trees looking great. So that they can mix well, with the environment. On the other hand, you know that there are certain times in the year when you are going to need to protect your trees and give them a good chance to survive incoming storms. Having a go-to service that you can turn to in these situations can really help save your trees from potentially falling over. Not only that, but it can save your home from major damages after your trees fall over!
Aiding In Growth 
Trying to stay on the positive side here before we get back to talking about potential disasters, one of the main reasons why we get calls about our tree cabling and bracing systems has to do with younger trees. Not all trees can take on the world on their own and grow very, very strong. Some are going to need a little help before they can be left on their own. That is where we come in and put in tree cables that attach to the ground and the tree to keep it upright.
Your Tree Is Not Branching Out
One of the common mistakes that people make is to think that their tree is branching out when actually its trunk is being split in two! This is a major issue that needs to be taken care of if the tree is going to have any type of chance to flourish. In these cases, what we will do is put braces on the tree in order to correct the direction that the trunk is growing in. Essentially trying our best to make sure they can grow back together.
Keep Your Tree Off Of The Street
We can’t literally control tree growth. We can, however, influence it to grow in certain directions and not others. We don’t just do this in order to keep your tree looking like something out of a fairy tale. Sometimes we actually have to do this, so that we won’t have to remove the tree. If you have a tree that is disturbing public or private property you may legally be obligated to take it down. To make sure that your tree can literally live a long and happy life we can influence the direction in which it grows!
I Don’t Know What Type of Service I Need 
If you think that your tree may need some help either staying up or staying on course, give us a call. Most of the times people actually don’t know what type of service they are looking for. Until we get there and we can provide a clear diagnosis of the situation. Don’t try to attach some wooden beams on your trees on your own. The chances that you will succeed are usually very slim. We can make sure that your trees have a good chance to right the course!  

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