​Tree & Brush Removal

tree and brush removal

At times no matter how much care you can give a tree your best option may be to have it removed altogether. This is very common around here with trees that we know ahead of time are going to have a tough time with the upcoming storms. Although we all understand the need to preserve as many trees as we can sometimes it is better to remove a tree than to have mother nature remove it and put it on top of your house. We know that that is a worst case scenario, but it is literally what we have to prepare for plain and simple!
Pre-Removal Services  
There is definitely a little more to our job than chopping wood and yelling timber! Tree removal services have to be thought out completely. We need to know where the tree is going to fall if we decide to go with the chopping technique. If we are going to remove it completely from the roots we have to know what the implications are for the rest of the property. That way we can give you a layout of what your options actually are before we go in and do virtually anything.
Brush Removal 
There are different types of brush removal services that we offer. One is more about clearing out dead trees and plants. Another actually removes healthy bushes and shrubs that are just in the way. We are going to talk a little bit about both. For one, there is really no reason to be keeping around dead leaves and twigs. Give us a call and we can take care of all of that for you. On the other hand, we understand that not everyone is fond of bushes and certain types of plants. If that is your case, and you just feel that they happen to be in the way of something that you want to do than give us a call!
Stump Removal   
What remains of a tree trunk after the tree has been chopped down is called a stump. These are very famously left behind in forests and things like that when they are chopped down for any type of purpose. If you have one of those in the middle of your yard though, it may be more of a speed bump than an asset. Give us a call and we can get it removed all the way from the roots. That way you will be able to grow some nice and even grass.
Waste Management
We know that if you give us a call asking for us to remove a tree or any type of brush you won’t want us to just come in cut it, and leave the dead tree there. Don’t worry we obviously take all of the trash that we make with us. You won’t have to worry about calling the waste management crew and have to waste more money on that. We will have everything out of your way within a couple of hours! 

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