About Us

tree shaping

Palm Bay is a great city! It is great for retirement it is great for tourists. Do you know what both of those people have in common? Neither of them has the time to effectively take care of their trees, plants, grass or anything similar to that. With that in mind, we decided to start Palm Bay Tree Company! We quickly realized that there was a big market for the services that we were offering. What we really needed to do was gain the people’s trust. A lot of times we work in properties when the owner is not around. So you really have to build that trust bond with your clients. People sometimes only use their homes at certain points of the year. Their trees though need care all year around.
That is how we got started, the way that we have been able to stay in business has been quite similar. We now, know the type of treatment and care that people want not only for their trees but honestly for themselves. Proper customer service along with a top of the line tree care service is precisely what we want to provide. We hope that it shows in the way that we treat our clients, in the types of people we hire and pretty much every single aspect of our organization. Have you ever heard of a tree care company that took the services that they offer so seriously? We wouldn’t think so!

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