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Trees are a great asset to homes and buildings when they are kept up correctly. Otherwise, they actually turn into more of a problem than anything else. At Palm Bay Tree Company we want to make sure that your trees can be kept at their best at all times.
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We also, want to be there to help out with many other types of landscaping needs that you may have. If you live in Florida you know that it is no secret that you may end up experiencing a storm at one point or another. Being there to help your trees stay upright even in the toughest of circumstances is what you can count on from us! Whether you are looking for a one-time tree trimming, storm clearing, or an extensive tree removal project, we have the solution for you.

We were lucky enough to find a job that allowed us to support our families and also have the opportunity to work on something that we truly enjoy. Landscaping and tree care are basically an art form. Even, if you don’t think that highly of our profession you have to admit that it is a lot more comforting to work with a person that is passionate about their job and truly wants your property to thrive. Instead of someone who is just going to come in, chop some things up and ask for a check. You can expect maximum commitment from each every person that makes up this company.

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Our Services

If we were to summarize what we do in very simple terms we would have to say that our services include anything and everything that is even remotely related to tree care. To be honest we actually focus a lot more on tree care than pretty much any other landscaping activity out there. Our tree care services include simple trimming services, to applying tree braces and supports, all the way to fully removing large trees. If you are in the market for one of these services you know who to call!

tree trimming
This is pretty much as simple a service as you can imagine, at least as far as what the service actually entails. Obviously, it involves giving your trees a trim here and there to keep their leaves and branches at appropriate lengths. No matter how tall, or how small your trees are you can bet we have the right equipment to handle any type of job that you can through at us. Even handling the always difficult palm trees!
tree & brush removal

Tree & Bush Removal

No offense, but we are not a group of lumberjacks that will just come in and start chopping at your trees and brushes hoping that they come down properly. Our tree removal services incorporate more sophisticated tech to allow us to remove the trees and plants directly from their roots. This means that, for the most part, we really don’t use chainsaws or anything like that, that you may have thought were a common staple for companies that provide the same type of services that we do. These types of removal services, however, will be less detrimental to the areas surrounding the tree. ​

“I work 12 hour shifts and often get called in multiple times during my days off. Therefore, I didn’t realize how out of control my trees were until I received a notice from the HOA that I was out of regulations. I was stressed and didn’t know how I would get the trimming done with how often I work. I called Palm Bay Tree Company  who were able to come do the trimming even while I was not home. It was close to the holiday season, so it was like a nice Christmas present to myself!” – Katie H.

stump grinding

If you did have a couple of lumberjacks remove a tree on your property they will have usually left behind a stump. Stumps are parts of the tree trunk that are left behind after a removal service. Once they are left there you truly have two options. One is to have them fully removed. The other would be to grind the stump to try and make it less visible or less dangerous. A lot of people like the look that stumps bring to their yard. That is why we provide stump grinding services, so you can keep your stump without it being too much of a problem. 

storm clean-up

As we have mentioned sadly, around Florida at one point or another you are going to have to endure a storm. When the time comes we advise that you follow all of the instructions and recommendations that are given by the authorities. You can only asses the damages after the storm has passed anyway. If you need some help cleaning up debris, weeds and all types of trees and plants after the storm we can help out. 

“Following the most recent storm, I had about every tree branch in the neighborhood sitting in my yard. It was like a war zone and seemed out of control. I was going to tackle the mess myself, but decided it was too much so I called Palm Bay Tree Company.  Their crews were excellent to work with and they expertly handled the mess in just a few days. It would have taken me months, so I am forever grateful to these guys.” – Bob T.

tree cabling and bracing

Trimming is not the only thing that we can do to trees to favor their proper growth and development. At times it as actually completely necessary that we set up braces or support systems on trees to aid them in their growth. We can do this to help younger trees grow properly and in the correct direction. We can also do this to help older trees survive storms or rough weather. Indeed there are plenty of reasons why your tree may need some help from our braces and cables. Give us a call if you believe that one of your trees may be a perfect candidate for this service.

tree maintenance

Our overall maintenance services are kind of similar to the ones that you can find at a car wash where you get a full cleaning service inside and out plus, wax and rim cleaning or things like that. In this case, we can come in and trim your trees, remove what needs to be removed add braces to anything that may be falling apart. You get the picture right?

“We tried to have a very large tree removed on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, there were several incidences that eventually led the tree to fall on our fence line and break a few boards. Finely, we called Palm Bay Tree Service to request help from a truly professional company. They came to our home and got the tree cleaned up and removed in a short period of time. Now we just need to find a good fence company!” – Tim S.

Get In Touch

Now that you have gotten a chance to give every one of our main services a look, we would love to hear from you. Did any of these services interest you? If so, what more would you like to know about them? Call or contact us so, that we can clear up a lot of the doubts that you may have. To hopefully start working together soon. 

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